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Wedding Invitations


I believe that telling your love story begins through the art of paper. I’m a sucker for a handwritten love note, or card. I have always loved snail mail. It’s just the best. A happy little colored package waiting, just for YOU. When was the last time you opened your mailbox to find something other than a bill or a magazine you didn’t even subscribe to? I value the things in life that make you feel special. Every love story deserves a grand gesture and your wedding  stationery should be a reflection of just that. Give your guests a grand gesture.

A thoughtful, intentional invitation to the best day of your life. What could be better?

I believe that you deserve my absolute best, which is why I always pour my heart and soul into every piece I create. I can assure you it’s not just another template that everyone will have. It’s carefully curated, designed with purpose and meaning and created with your vision in mind.

Printing Methods


Digital Printing

Digital Printing prints ink smoothly on the paper. The ink is simply printed flat on the paper, there isn’t a raised or indented impression. If you were to run your fingers over it, you’d only feel the subtle texture of the paper.


Foil Printing

Foil printing starts with a sheet of metallic foil, that is then pressed by a metal plate of your design into any of our paper stocks. You can feel the subtle impression in the paper. Rather than a colored ink, the design is pressed into the paper with shiny metallic foil.


Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing is achieved by creating a custom plate of your design. That plate is then inked with a colored ink, and pressed into a thick paper stock, leaving behind a beautiful impression of your design. The result is similar to the foil printing. You can feel the indention when you run your fingers over the printed portion.

Our Paper Stock

We source our paper from trusted  vendors all over the country  that continue to exceed our highest expectations.  We know you deserve the best, and we’re here to provide you with just that.

What people are saying

No matter the request, Claire delivers.

Claire made our invitations her priority. She created beautifully personal invitations for us and took our vision to the next level. Our invitations are timeless and a perfect representation of both my husband and me.  No matter the request, Claire delivered. The satisfaction of supporting a small business without compromising my vision is priceless!


love letters

the bells and whistles

If you’re looking for a way to elevate your invitation suite, browse through a few of the bells and whistles offered in the shop!

Custom Wedding Invitations

The investment for custom invitations will vary depending on final quantity, paper stock, insert cards, envelope addressing, printing methods and other add-ons. For more details and availability, please send me a message using the contact form. I can’t wait to learn more about what you are envisioning for your day!